Customer terms

Customer terms

Advokatfelagið has its office is located at Lucas Debesar gøtu 8, 100 Tórshavn.

Contact our office on phone number +298 203040 as well as on our email

Our V-number is 309265.

Advokatfelagið is a partnership with these private limited companies as partners:

Sp/f Advokatsmápartafelagið Petur Even Djurhuus, lawyer ( 4160),

Sp/f Advokatsmápartafelagið Jógvan E. Ellefsen, lawyer ( 4161),

Sp/f Advokatsmápartafelagið Ingi Højgaard, lawyer ( 4190) and

Sp/f Advokatsmápartafelagið Gunn Ellefsen, lawyer ( 5731).

Advokatfelagið has client accounts in BankNordik, Betri Banki, Norðoya Sparikassi and Suðuroyar Sparikassi. Unless otherwise arranged or informed, money will be payed to us in and placed in one of the mentioned banks above.

If a bank goes bankrupt, the depositors will be protected in accordance with current legislation about deposit and investor guarantee. The protection is limited to 100.000 EUR (approximately 750.000 DKK). The amount covers the total deposit in the bank, no matter if the money is on different accounts, hereunder on client account and private account.

Special rules are in place for deposits concerning real estate, if the real estate has been used as or mostly is intended to be used for non-business purposes. In this case, up to 10 million euros will be covered, until 12 months after the amount is deposited and regardless whether the deposit is on a separate account.

You can find more information about our security system on “Garantiformuen” ‘s website,

The lawyers at Advokatfelagið are approved by the Danish Ministry of Justice to function as lawyers and are members of Advokatsamfundet and Advokatfelag Føroya.

All lawyers working at Advokatfelagið are covered by a liability insurance and a guarantee system, which is subscribed at the insurance company TRYG. The liability insurance covers all lawyer activity at Advokatfelagið.

Advokatfelagið does not make use of standard terms and conditions, hereunder rules on choice of law and venue, except other directly agreed with the client.

The lawyers at Advokatfelagið are under supervision by Advokatsamfundet and are according to § 126 in the Administration of Justice Act bound by the rules on good lawyer conduct. Furthermore, the lawyer ethical rules are valid. The rules that specifically are valid for lawyer conduct can be found on Advokatsamfundet’s website

If there is disagreement about the fee and/or if a client is discontented with the behaviour of one of the lawyers at Advokatfelagið, the client can lodge the amount of the fee and/or the behaviour to Advokatnævnet, Kronprinsessegade 28, 1306 København K,